The EMJ Company

It's a given that I love makeup and I'm a bit of a hoarder and I can be a bit disorganised so I'm a sucker for brilliant storage solutions.

I also love presents, so for my Christmas present last year my sister bought me these rad little rolls from The EMJ Company.

Pencils and lipglosses can be a tricky thing to carry in a kit and you usually wind up having to rifle through a bunch to find the one you need and that gets annoying real quick but the nifty little gloss roll and pencil roll make it easy to find the exact one you're after at a glance.

The rolls come in a couple of colours but they also have a range of brush belts, set bags and zippered pouches that come in a greater variety of colours.

If, like me, you have too many lipglosses or pencils to transport and keep track of you might like to give these a go